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Our visual identity

Visma e-conomic is an endorsed brand under Visma. Therefore, the visual identity of Visma e-conomic borrows on a lot of elements from The Visma Brand Book. This links Visma e-conomic to the rest of the Visma family and makes the customer journey within our products and services seamless.

Even though most customers do not notice the typography, colours or photo style of a brand, they will notice if these change. And even minor changes may seem big in the eyes of the customers, who could start to question the legitimacy and direction of the brand.

We want our visual content to emphasize the value of our products for the customers, not to distract or confuse them. Therefore, we always use the same 5 visual cornerstones, and we stay consistent when creating visual content for Visma e-conomic.


5 visual cornerstones

The visual identity of Visma e-conomic consists of 5 visual cornerstones. Each chapter of this brand guide is dedicated to one of the visual cornerstones.

The visual cornerstones are:
Design elements

These 5 visual cornerstones are equally important. When all of the cornerstones are combined in our visual content, the brand shines through and becomes “Visma e-conomic”.



When you work a lot with our brand and our visual identity, then it will become boring at a certain point and you will want to change something to create that extra awareness, which generates more clicks or more talk in the network about your brand. And there is some truth to the statement that a brand can become dull over a period of time.

However, remember that you see the brand all the time and for you it becomes boring and less exciting. But for our customers, it will seem fresh and new and will be perceived in a whole different perspective compared to people, who see it every day.

For the customers, changes will be less exciting. These customers may start questioning the direction of the company and ask themselves questions about the strategy - whether we are the right partner for their company > Seeds we don’t want to plant. We would rather want to be seen as professional and seamless as possible.

It is accounting which is our biggest asset, but most of our customers see it as something that takes up time they could have spent on their core business - something which is necessary, but not time they value. So, the less time they use on accounting, the more they value us. And the less distractions we create on their journey, the more they will be interested in collaborating more with us.

So, keep it simple and consistent.


Style guide and tools

When creating visual content for Visma e-conomic, we have a number of tools at hand to make our work easier and more consistent.


Visma e-conomic Style Guide

The Visma e-conomic Style Guide is our most valuable toolbox for working with layout and design elements. The Style Guide contains detailed descriptions of how to work with the visual cornerstones and how to apply the different styles to our online material.


Visma e-conomic templates for printed material 

When creating printed material, we may have to be flexible and work within varying and fixed formats. For this, we have some Visma e-conomic templates that can be used and adjusted, as long as we keep compliant with our visual identity.


Visma e-conomic Google Slide Deck

When presenting Visma e-conomic to our customers, we use a Visma e-conomic Google Slide Deck.


Visma e-conomic Logo Package

We have a Logo Package which can be downloaded, shared and used outside of Visma. Please follow the guidelines described in the “logo”-chapter of this brand guide. If you have any questions, please contact the Visma e-conomic Marketing and Communications Department at


Visma e-conomic CC Library Package

If you are using the Adobe CC Package you can download the Visma e-conomic CC Library Package where most of the tools and assets are available.


Best practice

This section contains some of the examples created for Visma e-conomic. It will be updated accordingly, when we have more material available.






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